Apostle Willie Eady is a native of Fairfax, South Carolina.  He is Pastor and Founder of Miracles Are Happening Now Worship Center, Varnville, SC established in 1991 by the leading of God.  Apostle Eady is a man after God’s own heart who seeks to lead the lost to Christ.   Apostle Willie Eady along with his wife, Co-Pastor Alma S. Eady, has inspired thousands of people through the Word of God.  They love God and believe in teaching God’s people the unadulterated truth encouraging them to fulfill the call on their lives that they may be productive in whatever setting the Lord would lead them.  They enjoy no greater fulfillment than to see God’s people bless over and above.
It is their desire to see every believer broken free from the chains of bondage and walking progressively in the manifestation of God’s promises.  Apostle Willie Eady and Co-Pastor Alma S. Eady never fail to keep God’s people at heart.  They diligently and faithfully render service unto the Lord.  They are humble servants of God who lead by example.
They are people of vision who puts no limit on God